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  April 22, 2018           

Alma Jones
Alma Jones, President
Alma Jones & Associates, Inc

Alma Jones is the President of Alma Jones & Associates, Inc., a full-service firm providing you with real benefits through a clear understanding of your business?needs. When it comes to marketing that makes sense, and advertising that works, it is important to work with a firm that has real practical experience and knowledge in a variety of abilities and services. Alma Jones & Nike Coupon Code 2014 Associates specializes in offering services that get you noticed and remembered, such as media planning and selection, advertising campaigns, marketing consulting, and strategic planning for new or existing businesses. Alma Jones & Associates has 20 years of experience at multiple levels in the advertising and marketing business to put to work for your individual situation. From award winning television production to award winning print campaigns to the fresh design of a new logo, and a campaign to show it to the world, we are here to serve your very individualized needs.

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